4.3.1 Slideshow Improvements

The slideshow in Vaulty can now rotate items to fit the screen and even play videos! Vaulty’s hands-free experience just got some major upgrades. Press and hold on the slideshow button to open the slideshow settings.

4.3 Free Backup

We now offer a limited free online backup service to all users. One of the biggest issues people had with Vaulty is that they would switch phones and forget to move their vaults with them. We’ve been able to address that by offering everyone automatic backup with Google Drive. It’s limited for free users, though, so be sure to subscribe to unlock Vaulty’s full potential.

We also included a handful of other improvements such as

Full Zoom

Beyond full zoom, actually. Vaulty provides zoom beyond pixel to pixel with any size of image. Now you can enjoy the full detail of your images.

Settings Backup

Your settings are also backed up if you use Vaulty’s automatic backup feature. No need to set things back up if you switch devices. You can just sign in and you’re good to go.

4.2 Better Viewing Experience

We have always been careful to keep our focus on providing users with a great viewing experience. We want to make sure you can view your photos the way you want while they’re safely stored in Vaulty. With this update we’ve added a couple features that help you do just that.

Optional “All Items” Album

The “(all items)” album may now be disabled from within settings so you can view just the Albums you’ve created.

Set Album Thumbnails

Users can now select which item in an album they would like to have as the thumbnail for that album.

To select a thumbnail:

  1. Open the album you want to change the thumbnail for
  2. Tap the item you want as the thumbnail in order to view it
  3. Open the menu and select “Set album cover”

Version 4.1.7 Released

As of yesterday we’ve been rolling out version 4.1.7 to Vaulty users. Here are some of the key highlights of this version.

Area selectionarea select

To easily select an area of items:

  1. Go inside an album,
  2. Start selecting by long-pressing,
  3. Long press another item, and the items between the two will be selected.

Faster move to album

Moving items between albums in your vault is now 10x faster! One of our clever engineers figured out a way to do some of the work all batched together and other parts of the work in the background so keeping your vault organized is even easier and faster than before.

Stability improvements

As with most updates we fixed as many bugs as we could. Thankfully, over 96% of our users never experience any crashes, but if you’re still having issues and reinstalling didn’t help, please be patient. We’re working hard to make sure Vaulty always behaves as it should.