Deleted Files Reappear

In Android 4.4 KitKat, Google removed permissions for apps to manage files on the SD card. (More on that here.) To get around this, Vaulty has to internally keep a record of which files are marked as deleted since the file itself cannot be removed. If Vaulty’s record of deleted files is reset, by a reinstall, for example, then the files that had previously been marked as deleted will reappear. To get around this and reenable full functionality in Vaulty, you can manually transfer those files on the SD card to your phone’s internal storage.

KitKat SD Card Permissions

In Android 4.4 KitKat and up, Google made changes to improve security that disabled non-system apps from using the SD card. In other words, unless the app came built into your device, it can’t make full use of the SD card. This unfortunately means that Vaulty can no longer be stored on the SD card of your device if you’re running KitKat unless you a subscribed to online backup or if your device has been modified to enable access. SD card support was a feature we worked really hard to get right and we’re sorry that we can’t provide it as seamlessly as we’d like to anymore. We tried every way we could to get around it. If this functionality becomes available in the future, we’ll add it again. We appreciate your understanding.