Unhide Media

Unhide Pictures & Videos

Multiple image and videos can be removed from Vaulty and placed back in your device’s gallery quickly and easily.

  1. Open Vaulty
  2. Open a folder
  3. Press and hold on an item to begin selecting
  4. Tap to select items
  5. Tap the “opened lock icon” to unhide selected items

Unhide Individual Pictures

Individual pictures can also be unhidden while viewing them. Just tap the open lock icon to unhide an image.

Problems Unhiding

Some devices may have trouble finding unhidden media. If this happens to you, try turning your phone off and on. If that doesn’t fix it, then the gallery you’re using might have trouble finding the media. Try using a different gallery, such as QuickPic. It’s a free, fast, and powerful alternative gallery.

Please contact us, if your media is still missing.

Contacting Support

Within The App
  1. Open your vault
  2. Go to “Settings > About > Email Us”
  3. Enter specific details about your problem and press Send
E-Mail Us

It’s preferred that you contact us within the app for technical issues, but if you can’t open your Vaulty vaults, or it’s not a technical issue, please contact us via e-mail, and we’ll get this handled: support@squidtooth.com

Beta Test & Suggest Features

We welcome your fresh, creative ideas and requests. Please join our Vaulty Beta Testing group on Google+ and enjoy new features faster than anyone.

Manually Move Files Between Devices

Online back-up automatically downloads your vault to your new device. If you don’t use online back-up, you will need to transfer your vault, when you switch devices.

Manual Transfer
  1. Open Vaulty
  2. Unhide all items
  3. Use a computer to copy all files to your new device
  4. Install Vaulty on your new device
  5. Hide your files in Vaulty again
Extra Help

For help connecting your device to a computer, we recommend searching online for directions specific to your device.

Run a scan in Vaulty, if your files don’t show up immediately after following the directions above.

Storing Vaulted Files on SD Card

The Android system doesn’t allow apps to fully use the SD card. We’ve come up with ways to restore this functionality as much as possible:

Automatic Online Back-Up

Automatic back-up stores your files in your account’s Google Drive. If you’re subscribed to automatic back-up, you can select to store your vaulted files on the SD card in Vaulty settings. Automatic back-up is required to do this, as the files on the SD card are likely to be lost due to:

  • Android deleting Vaulty files, when the app is uninstalled.
  • Hardware failure of any kind.
  • SD card removal.
Change Storage Permissions

Users with rooted devices can restore SD card access to Vaulty. If Vaulty has permissions to access a storage device, then it will be listed as a location option in settings. We do not promote rooting nor can we provide instructions to root; rooting may cause device damage, data loss and void your warranty.